Why you come in montenegro

Biogradska Gora - Etno excursion

Start from Budva at 08:30 o´clock. Travelling to Becici, Sv.Stefan, Petrovac and over Pastrovac forest, Skadar Lake and Podgorica arrival in Bioce. In restaurant we have pause 20 minutes. Travelling through canyon Moraca,pause 30 minutes in of the same name monastery from XIII century. Travelling over Kolasin and arrival to National Park Biograd Forest.

Than go for a walk around Biograd Lake (duration 1 hour). After walking is traditional etno-lunch.Lunch is preparing outside with sounds of musics. Time after lunch is for individual activity. Return to Budva at 17:00 o´clock. Arrival in Budva at 20:00.

LUNCH: soup, lamb´s meat broiled on a grill, cooked lamb, seasonal salad, home-made and corn crib bread,curdled milk, hominy, pie and desert

DRINK: plumbrendy or pearbrendy, wine-white or black, juices