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MONTEROYALE - Budva, Montenegro - apartments, private accommodation, villa, hotel

vila monteroyale - budva

Situated in such environment, practically in the town centre, is located the gorgeous villa “Monte Royale”.  The capacity of villa Monte Royale is beds arranged into double rooms and apartments. 
Being so well equipped, villa Monte Royale is open all year round  

The Riviera of Budva comprises the central part of the Montenegrin coast. It covers a total area of 122 square kilometres and it has a population of about 20.000.  The Riviera is 25 metres long and on that area are stringed 17 wonderful beaches beginning with Jaz on the northern part and ending up with Buljarice beach on the far south of the Riviera. 

 Montenegro is situated at the South-east of the European continent, i.e. at the very center of the Balkan Peninsula. Its superficies is 13.815 km2. Montenegro has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the South, and ranges to the very high mountains of the Balkan’s, to its other borders. Its territory presents the wealth in relief which is unique in the world.

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